Sonya and David

Our Story

Sonya and David, the founders of Collective Memories, both work in the aged care industry and are passionate about older Australians.

Our aim is to help our ageing Australians “live for today while remembering their past”. We provide beautiful personalised memory and activity boxes which assist in providing mental stimulation and well-being each day, and help your loved ones to enjoy past memories.

Coming from a place of care and working with older people with and without dementia, both in a supported and home care environment, we saw a need for products to support and make lives easier for our older Australians.

Have you ever thought to yourself what can I buy for that older special person in my life that has all they need? Or how can I help my loved one who is suffering from dementia?

The products within your box have been sourced based on the latest research and understanding of what would benefit dementia patients and older Australians with the objective of slowing cognitive decline and helping to improve memory function, but also to help people in their daily lives.

So, they can..

‘live for today while remembering their past’.