All About Me Chart

This chart provides a snapshot of your love ones life, listing the things that are important to them, including likes, dislikes, what’s important to them and a brief family history, with space for photo’s.

Your chart comes in A3 landscape size, (350gsm) ready to be placed on the wall in a room or home, allowing carers and visitors to get a better understanding about this person.

Price: $25

The Year of My Birth

This is a wonderful snapshot of the year of your loved one’s birth, both here in Australia and what was making headlines around the world.

It’s portrait A4 size (350 gsm) and is ready to be placed on the wall or kept in the memory box.

Price: $15

Family Tree Wall Chart

The Family Tree Chart – looks forward from your loved one’s birth; it is personalised with stickers you complete and recognises any children, grand-children, and great grand-children.

The family tree chart has been designed to help your loved one remember, and to be proud of their place on their family tree.

There’s space to include immediate family, photos, and details of those special people in their life.  As every family is different, we have included labelled blank stickers, from ‘Your Parents’ to ‘Great grandchildren’ to be completed by your loved one or with others to make a project to be enjoyed together.

This is produced in A3 portrait size, (350 gsm) ready to be placed on the wall or kept in your special box to brought out when your loved one wants to enjoy it or share it with others.

Price: $15

Ancestral Family Tree Wall Chart

This chart looks back at your loved one’s history; back to their parents and grandparents and is designed to help remember their ancestry, with space for photos and family details.

Your chart comes in A3 portrait (350gsm) ready to be placed on the wall in a room or home, or be kept in your memory box.

Price: $15