Fidget Blanket

A fidget blanket is a lap-size quilt that provides sensory and tactile stimulation for the restless hands of someone with Alzheimer’s or other forms of dementia.

A fidget blanket can help to calm and reduce anxiety, as well as provide hours of stimulation. Often, during later stages of dementia, sufferers’ hands fidget as though agitated or searching for something to hold. A person with dementia may pull on their clothing or bedding, rubbing their hands up and down.

Studies in care homes have shown that fidget blankets that have embellishments such as zippers, loops, buttons, sensory square, knot activities and laces are beneficial because they can be constantly played with.

Just like children are often calmed by their favourite toy or blanket, a person with Alzheimer’s dementia or another memory loss condition may be soothed by a fidget blanket.

Our fidget blanket has been designed in Australia and every square on the blanket has a purpose.  Its snuggle blanket fur makes it feel warm and cosy and it can sit comfortably across your loved one’s lap, making them feel secure and snug and providing them with activities, right on their lap, to keep their fidgety hands busy.

Available in two colours and comes with a therapy and exercise guide.

Price: $120