My Collective Memories Album

This 77-page photo and memories album makes a great gift for seniors or loved ones struggling with memory loss or dementia. It will keep all your loved one’s memories and treasures in one place where they can be enjoyed today as they make a connection to their past.

This album of treasured memories containing details about close family members and friends can be used to remind your loved one who people are, act as a platform to help conversations with care workers and provide comfort to them if they are feeling agitated by reminding them of happy memories.  The album can also be passed down to family members as a celebration of your loved one’s life!

We all have things we have collected over time, which now may be collecting dust, hidden in cupboards or perhaps in shoe boxes under the bed.

This album allows you to remember and record the important parts of your loved one’s life journey and celebrates and appreciates their collected treasures as they are added to the “scrapbook moment” sections.

Their most precious photos can be added to the photo sections of the album and we have included an acid free glue stick to attach photos and memorabilia to the pages.  If your loved one is able, ask them about events and achievements which they feel proud of in their life, or favourite memories.  It can be helpful to ask family and friends for their input, to share treasured stories for inclusion in the album.

 Price $65

Album Contents