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The perfect gift for parents, includes 2 of most of our products.

Your personalised box includes the following:

Our beautifully personalised Memory Boxes are made from a heavy linen (Buckram) material, inside and out for longevity.
Size: 41 cm x 31 cm x 20 cm

My Collective Memories Album x2 – includes an acid free glue stick for attaching photos and memorabilia.
This 77-page album will keep all your loved one’s memories and treasures in one place where they can be enjoyed today as they make a connection to their past.

Therapy Hand Balls x1
Therapy Hand Balls, egg shaped to fit easily in the palm of your hand are an easy exercise tool for older adults who have limited energy. They assist with tension release, nerve stimulation, improved muscle strength, attention and focus. Our set of 3 therapy balls comes with an information and exercise guide to help gain the most benefit. Includes one soft, medium and firm ball.

Jigsaw puzzles (20 or 100 piece) x2
Puzzles exercise both sides of your brain, they enhance mood and lower stress levels. Puzzle activities are especially beneficial for seniors as they help to prevent boredom and boost mood. They are also a great activity for older adults to do on their own or with others. They help older adults exercise their fingers and minds, have fun, and feel a sense of accomplishment.
20 piece puzzle size when complete 35 x 23 cm.
100 piece puzzle size when complete 41 x 27 cm.

Large Print Find-a-Word Book x2
Packed with 83-word searches, Find-a word is a great way for your loved one to spend their free time and keep their mind occupied. They can test their spelling and word-spotting expertise with puzzles covering a variety of themes featuring words facing up, down, diagonally and backwards. Plus, the large print makes it easy to read without straining their eyes!

Large Print Crossword Book x2
Crossword puzzles can be a great way to pass the time. It is firmly believed that solving crosswords on a regular basis can improve memory and brain function in older adults, including people with early dementia. Plus, the large print makes it easy to read for all ages. Your crossword book comes with 54 easy crosswords on a variety of entertaining topics.
Size: 21 x 25cm

Colouring book with colouring pencils x2

Be captivated by the majesty of an African landscape with this 24 page beautifully illustrated wilderness themed Zen colouring in book with pencils included, cultivating mindful awareness through colouring. These stunning and intricate pictures have something for everyone.
Size 28 cm x 21 cm.

Amazing Animals
Colouring is the perfect way to de-stress and improve focus. So unleash your creativity and find your Zen with over 30 beautiful illustrations to colour. Be charmed and calmed by the noble horses, wise owls, butterflies, and many more amazing animals.
Size 21 x 27 cm

Large Print Playing Cards x2
Our playing cards are created in large print, to make it easy to play without straining your eyes. They help to pass the time and engage older adults in activities and games either on their own or in a group.
We have included some of the favourite game rules for Snap, Memory Game, Go Fish Solitaire (Patience) and Old Maid to play alone or with friends.

Notebook x2
This is a 140-page, A5, soft covered notebook, perfect for notes and includes ten pages at the front to list important phone numbers.

All about Me Wall Chart x2
Often in a home care or assisted living environment, aged care workers are ever-changing.
With this in mind, we have created a wall chart to display at a glance everything about an older adult. The wall chart gives a snapshot of their life, listing the things that are important to them, their likes and dislikes, their goals and a brief family history.
It also has a place to put important photos to make this a truly personalised chart.
Your chart comes in A3 landscape size (350 gsm), ready to hang in your loved one’s room or in the family home, where carers, the whole family and other visitors can enjoy this personalised artwork.

Year of my Birth Wall Chart x2
This is a wonderful snapshot of the year of your loved one’s birth, both here in Australia and what was making headlines around the world.
It’s portrait A4 size (350 gsm) and is ready to be placed on the wall or kept in the memory box.

Family Tree Wall Chart x2 (looking forward from birth) includes stickers for family members.
The Family Tree Chart – looks forward from your loved one’s birth; it is personalised with stickers you complete and recognises any children, grand-children, and great grand-children.
The family tree chart has been designed to help your loved one remember, and to be proud of their place on their family tree.
There’s space to include immediate family, photos, and details of those special people in their life. As every family is different, we have included labelled blank stickers, from ‘Your Parents’ to ‘Great grandchildren’ to be completed by your loved one or with others to make a project to be enjoyed together.
This is produced in A3 portrait size, (350 gsm) ready to be placed on the wall or kept in your special box to brought out when your loved one wants to enjoy it or share it with others.

Ancestral Family Tree Wall Chart x2 (looking back to ancestors)
The Ancestral Family Tree remembers your loved one’s history; it looks back to their parents and grandparents.
Your ancestral family tree chart is designed to help your loved one remember their ancestry, with space for photos and family details.
This is produced in A3 portrait size (350 gsm), ready to be placed on the wall or kept in your special box to brought out when your loved one wants to enjoy it or share it with others.

* crossword, find-a-word or colouring in books may be changed subject to stock availability but these will be of the same high quality as shown above


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The perfect gift for parents, includes 2 of most of our products.

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